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I am not a doctor or a psychologist. The support and guidance I give in one-on-one coaching sessions and at retreats is not intended to replace a medical professional's medical care and treatment. My work with you cannot and will not diagnose or treat any medical problem. Anything I share is based on my personal experience only. For any healthcare decisions, advice from a medical specialist should be sought out.


The Fertile Body Method is an integrative approach to well-being and fertility that looks at the communication between our mind and body. The idea is to restore mind-body balance and harmony through the support of our thought processes and the way we feel. 


Meditation is where the quiet is, where the mind rests, where the thoughts pause. Treating ourselves to slowing down brings us back to the present moment. In that stillness, we can reconnect with our intuition and inner knowing.  


Sophrology can help us get to the core of what we need by pushing out what isn't serving us and making room for the good stuff. Tapping into our resourceful energy and opening ourselves up to our imagination can help us prepare for what's to come. 


Nurturing is individual. It depends on what feels good for you, what soothes you, what you enjoy at that moment in time. Making the choice to nurture ourselves inside and out is giving ourselves the time to recharge.  


Here we'll talk about all kinds of things like "fertility diets", real food vs processed food, cravings and how to deconstruct them, intuitive eating and gut health to explore what might feel right for you and your body.  


Looking at our vibrational energy is a good way to check in with ourselves. We might explore how to nurture our vibration, honour, understand and release our lower vibrational energy, protect our energy, and access both our masculine and feminine energy. 


Being mindful of our presence is a challenge. On our journeys, we tend to be more in the past and the future than in the now. This takes us out of our heads and into the moment where we can allow ourselves to just be. 


Journalling is a way to put what's going on for us down on paper. We might journal about our thoughts, emotions, worries, doubts, questions. It helps us release what's in our hearts and heads, explore our thought patterns, and connect with our deeper self. 


We don't have to deliver a letter to write it. Pouring our hearts into a handwritten letter helps provide an outlet for what we are feeling. It might be to our partner, a friend, a family member, a future little one, the universe or ourselves. 


Self-compassion is an act of kindness toward our soul. This is a moment to be gentle with ourselves, and turn our love and understanding inward. This path can be hard enough as it is so going easy on ourselves is a way to say, "I am here for you, I love you."