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I am not a doctor or a psychologist. The support and guidance I give in one-on-one coaching sessions and at retreats is not intended to replace a medical professional's medical care and treatment. My work with you cannot and will not diagnose or treat any medical problem. Anything I share is based on my personal experience only. For any healthcare decisions, advice from a medical specialist should be sought out.



“What if your feelings,

how you feel and

what's in your heart

could support you?”


For anyone tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to fertility, my heart to heart fertility coaching may be right for you. Tailored to each individual, my approach guides women and couples toward the curiosity and wonder of how their feelings, how they feel and what's in their heart can help support them through their fertility journey.


Who is my coaching for?

Anyone trying to grow their family.


You could be trying to conceive naturally. You could be heading into an IUI, starting IVF or doing an FET. You could be in the middle of your treatment protocol. You could be pregnant after your treatment protocol or a mum after your treatment protocol. Or you could be taking a break, reviewing your options or you might be starting the adoption process. Wherever you're at in your journey, I'll meet you there.

My intention as your Heart Fertility Coach is to provide a safe space where:

  • You can feel seen and heard

  • You can feel your feelings

  • You can process your feelings

  • You can voice how you feel

  • You can lay the groundwork for how you want to feel

  • You can come back to your heart



Hello, I'm Laila. I live in France with my husband Richard.  


Over 5 years we did 3 IUIs, 7 IVF cycles and 9 FETs in France and internationally.

During that time, I became a shadow of myself. I constantly lived in a state of limbo, in that in-between state of wanting to be a mother and not yet being a mother. My husband and I felt desperately alone. 

If there’s anything I could have wished for going through that part of our fertility journey, it was someone we could talk to, really talk to. Someone who knew what we were going through. Someone who understood how we felt. Someone who got it.  

I hope to be that person for you. 

ABOUT Richard

I'd like to introduce you to my love, my husband Richard.


He is my rock through all of this. He has the most giving, kind soul. 

Richard downplayed his feelings through those 5 years. He pretended everything was fine at work and then he came home and was there for me. He was completely disconnected from his own feelings and his heart.

Coming out the other side, we made a promise to each other to listen to our hearts, to tune into our feelings, to respect them, nurture them, express them. Cooking became one of Richard's ways to feel good again. Doing something he loves, creating and sharing.   

Richard hopes to cook for you at one of my retreats